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Tsunami & Mega Quake Signs & Testimonies

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By Bill Weather
Here are a multiple of Testimonies of the Japan and California mega quake coming, some of which show them to be just weeks apart.

These testimonies are telling us it's gonna happen in an end of summer/fall season in a future year. Here in this link are the latest timing signs ive received on this, pointing to the year 2022.

Michael Boldea from - 3 Brethren in one night getting the same California mega quake dream, described in detail here

From Michelle at   Deeper Understanding In The Word 
     I tested to make sure that this vision was from the Lord by asking if Jesus Christ came in the flesh and died for my sins, and is seated at the right hand of God Almighty. There was a confirmation with repeating the sentence.
     I was standing on the beach on the west coast. It seemed to be in northern California. A wave as wide as I could see started to come to shore. It was at least 20 to 30 feet high. My viewpoint changed to a bird’s eye view. As far as I could see there was destruction. There were no houses left that were on the coast. I heard a voice saying “This is a warning. This is the first wave before the earthquake in September. Tell My people.” I had an impression that another very strong earthquake across the sea, somewhere in Japan was the reason for this huge wave, or Tsunami. I also had the impression that this reached into Oregon, and possibly some into Washington as well. 
     Now I am taking this to the Lord for confirmation and testing.
     Michelle, in the name of Jesus Christ who came in the flesh and died so that you may live, and is seated at the right hand side of the Father. Yes, this is a true picture of the warning that will come upon the west coast. This warning is to prepare My people for what is coming. Know that this is true. Tell My people that when they see this tsunami happen, to move away from the west coast. I am a God of Judgment, but also a God of mercy. As my people call out to Me, I will protect them, and I will bring them out of harms way. Lean upon Me and not your own understanding. In the name of Jesus Christ who came in the flesh and died so that you may live, and is seated at the right hand side of the Father in glory. 

     Hey Curtis, my name is Austin C------- and I just turned 17. I live in Portland, Oregon. Anyway, while I was fasting God gave me a revelation that shook me in my boots. I was in my room praying and I could faintly hear God's voice but I could only make out him saying "Let my people heed this warning. After Japan goes... a tsunami will hit the sin coast. Watch out for the San Andreas slipping and the Long Valley Caldera".
     I was so shocked I could only sit in silence thinking of what he had said to me. I began to write this all down and started to do some research. If God said to me "After Japan goes" I figured this means that Japan would slide into the Pacific Ocean.....
     Also, God stating "a tsunami will hit the sin coast" infers to California in its sinfulness and all those near that state which refuse to follow God and continue to rebel. The tsunami will hit California and take out many wealthy homes in Malibu and Baja. During this time, there will be a two to three week release period in which people will try to rebuild. After this, a 9.7 earthquake or so will occur alone the entire San Andreas fault line (which runs or over 700 miles up the Californian Coast). This earthquake will trigger the eruption of the Long Valley super volcano which could be like a mini Yellowstone Eruption. 

From Wendy Alec in the UK linked here
Dear Friends,
I was awoken in the early hours of the morning to hear the words ringing out, “THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY”. As I currently live in the UK and am not at all familiar with the West Coast, I did not know even know what “The Bay” meant other than that I knew the Lord was saying California, but once again I sensed a strong red alert for San Francisco.

It was only a day later that I discovered that the Bay area covers San Francisco. I knew the Lord was trying to get my attention.

Words of judgment are often not well received, and I have held back on this word for several weeks to weigh it intensely, but under the fear of the Lord I feel I must deliver it now so that those with a burden for the West coast can pray, so that many, many will come to repentance in this present hour and also that God’s faithful servants will know His supernatural protection in the times to come. This is what I saw.

I saw two huge Angels of Judgment carrying what seemed to be huge golden threshing instruments that looked like scythes. They were crying out in loud voices: “THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY,” and again they cried out, “THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY THE BAY."

I did not know what that meant except that I knew that it was California and I had the same dread for San Francisco that I had experienced before when I had received the ‘West Coast’ Prophecy.

And I saw a mighty shaking and trembling begin under the earth. And the Lord said, “From under the Pacific it shall come, in fire and in water it shall come.”
It was hardly noticeable at first but it was as though the whole city froze as one and then the shaking and the terror and then the fire came. I saw a horrifying inferno, a literal inferno. I saw ravaged land and ravaged cities. But one city received the full force of this terror and earthquake and this is what the warning was crying out “THE BAY, THE BAY.”

And I saw the heavens were black, blacker than black and there was no light – all light was extinguished. And the smoke continued to rise and thousands upon thousands of this city were killed at the first strike, but I saw a second strike.

In the second strike I saw water devastating parts of the west coast, to the north, beware the north, the northern California coastline. I still saw plumes of smoke rising from charred buildings. There was not just one city affected. It was more than one on the northern California coast. People were bleeding and dying. The emergency services were hindered greatly from reaching the Bay in good time. They were prepared but no one could prepare for this and the suffering was intense.

I heard many cursing God, even in their suffering instead of crying out for mercy they were cursing God. But I also heard those crying out in desperation for His mercy and the Angel of the Lord spoke the Word of the Lord.
And I heard him say, “And these ones I shall by no means cast out.”
And the moon turned a strange color of crimson. And the haze hung over the bay for many days and nights. And the city was silent. Thousands of people were left crushed, drowned.

I felt this was further up the coast than Los Angeles, more to the north, though Los Angeles was shaken it was not as devastating as The BAY the Lord was talking about.

EMPTY CISTERNS, I saw written in the sky “EMPTY CISTERNS” above San Francisco, and the scales, the scales of sin and judgment were full, so full that judgment could not be withheld over San Francisco.

And then I saw Los Angeles and it seemed a different scenario. And I knew that the Lord held in great esteem and looked down with a great and enduring compassion on His servants, His prophets, His intercessors, and His servants who had stood in the gap for Los Angeles.

And I saw many intercessors that had stood in the gap day and night for Los Angeles and California and I wondered if these faithful servants of God were the reason that in the former vision I only saw a partial devastation of Los Angeles. Great swathes of Los Angeles were protected. But San Francisco and along the northern coast seemed to receive the full brunt of the ferocious shaking. There was a great scale in the sky and I saw one side of the scale weighed right down with sin and iniquity.

I still remember being shocked because I heard many in San Francisco still cursing God, and I knew that was a reflection of how sin and rebellion against the most high God had blackened the hearts of men in this city. I was led back to San Francisco and the great devastation ahead in the future. And I saw a sign in the sky that read, “The Golden Gate, Altar of Harlots and Idolaters.”
And I saw the words, “Baal and Idolatry, Lasciviousness, Lust, Sodom and Gomorra.”

And I saw the face of the Angels of Judgment were set fiercely against San Francisco and the word of the Lord came forth saying, “For I have set my face against this land, and even in a moment I shall smite it.” And I saw the fall of the Golden Gate, cut in two. And I saw how the mighty were brought to the ground even in a moment. And I saw above the Golden gate bridge written, “Idolatry”.

And I saw the city of San Francisco. It was devastation, blackened and even to the coastline to the north of San Francisco.

CRY OUT, CRY OUT!” cried the Angels of the Lord. “CRY OUT, CRY OUT to the Most High God for surely your idols have fallen, every one, and no more shall they rise.”

And then I saw a rainbow, the most glorious sight. It rose from the stretches of northern California and over the devastated city of San Francisco, and then over to Southern California, and it blazed with every color as bright as the sun and out of the radiance I saw a Golden Gate. It seemed so huge and so glorious it looked like the gates of heaven. And I heard the Lord say, “And now I shall establish in this place My Golden Gate, a gate of repentance, a gate of revival, a gate of cleansing, a gate of holiness.”

And I saw a remnant in that charred city come out from under the angel’s robes. And over their heads was written “Faithful and True”. And The Lord said, “These are those who stood for me in this city of San Francisco. These are those who have wept and pleaded and interceded for this city day and night without ceasing. These are those who were My gatekeepers of this city, who heralded in revival, and poured out My Spirit even in the face of great opposition and persecution. These are those who are greatly beloved by me.”

And I saw that the Lord Himself had placed them under the angel’s mantle and that these faithful pastors, apostles, intercessors, and prophets had been divinely protected by the Lord’s own hand from this harm and I saw the Father’s hand pick them up and set them on high with heaven’s Golden Gate as His chosen gatekeepers for the new move of His spirit that would sweep through the Northern parts and coastline of California.

And I heard the Lord say “REDDING, REDDING”. And I saw a vast thick elixir like a golden river flowing from REDDING to San Francisco, San Jose, and on to Los Angeles, and these forks in the river were all connected.
Bob Jones  Prophet/Seer
On Saturday, May 24th, 2008, Bob Jones released a prophecy about California, saying that “the cup of iniquity of California is full, and prayer cannot stop judgment for San Francisco and LA.”
     He also had prophesied that there would be a few other indicators that the catastrophe was soon to come: There would be a great quake in Japan first, followed by a great quake in California.

Bob Jones is Prophet/Seer with a proven prophetic gift. He speaks at many churches and conferences throughout the nation.

From Teresa Mother at 
     Just so you know, I really don't know anything about you. But, I have documented dreams on this very subject. One was in and it was only about the west coast, all of the west coast. Yes, the Tsunami, the whole bit....... I knew it was in the summer, around September, when the whole of the west coast would be destroyed, and there would be a new coast line, that was more inland, toward the desert. I just recently had a dream, where both coasts were hit close to the same time. I knew as we left the west coast, that there was no safety at the east coast.... And, yes, I am connected to a globally known ministry, and have already told the minister, because I am the head intercessor. Every prayer request is forwarded to me, so, this is not by chance, I believe, this was God. 
From Weather here at
    Late one night in 2009, while in Berkeley, Ca., I was in my van thinking of the area and praying. God took hold of my mind and gave me a vision of the SF/Oakland Bay Bridge after the mega quake had hit. All I saw left standing was a damaged pillar with mangled concrete and rebar. Both levels of the bridge had completely collapsed into the bay. This bridge will go down as well as the Golden Gate Bridge and the entire area will be left immobile without much  infrastructure left working.
   I was given two exact date prophetic signs which confirms other prophecy here, that the tsunami and mega quake will be weeks apart, those being the Aug 10, 2010 Vanuatu tsunami and the Sept 3rd, 2010 Christ Church NZ  quake (see exact date signs for more).

Danielle <-----> from facebook
     I dont claim by any means that this is a prophetic dream, and the date this event will happen. But here we go.   There was a black substance i was supposed to put in my face, so i put in my eyes, but a voice said "in your mouth" , so i covered my mouth with it. Then the voice made me 3 questions, the third i didn't understand, and he said "incorrect answer" "let me show you".   
     Then i heard "when they hear of the earthquake in tokyo on the radio, they must flee immediately." Then I saw a small wave coming and there were people in it, and they were trying to save themselves in whatever they could. The wave invaded the coast, there were survivors. 
     Then i saw another wave coming, and it was huge, no people in it. People were desperate at the site of it. running, no time. I went inside a very very tall building with them. Saw them breaking everything , screaming. I remember I tried to find a place with things that could float.Then I heard the building cracking...
     Then I was taken back to the start and I saw a group of people, I knew they were christians packing their bags and making preparations to leave.  

 California Tsunami dream by brother Patrick

I dreamt I was up on a mountain with strangers and we were in an abandoned rich home of a doctor as he never survived. We were living there because there was a massive flood all over California as it was night time. One of the others I was with was looking at the devestation through binoculars as I took a look for myself. I looked through them and saw flooding up to the rooftops of homes, buildings collapsed from the huge wave that had came in. I panned, looking through the binoculars as I saw bags of trash floating and bodies. I said, we need to go. We have to leave. now. They said why? I said, because diseases are now going to spread. Look at the waters and all the dead, all the trash, it will cause disease and spread a plague here. We have to LEAVE. We bagged up what we could and we piled into a truck as I took one more look at the entire state flooded from ontop of the mountain side where we were at. I then woke up. I wondered to myself...why and what was that all about. 


May 1, 2011 ~ Vision from the Lord - Earthquake and Tsunami in California
Received on 4/16/2011 ~ By Sister Hyang Mi Moon ~ Location: Los Angeles, CA Korean Church

After the nightly prayer services, we had a time of impartation in which we received and accumulated more fire from Pastor Kim, Yong Tae.

Pastor Kim, Yong Tae said a prayer over us for blessings and for deeper revelation. He asked that the word be revealed with more wisdom and prophecy.

Within a couple minutes, I saw a vision. I saw a yellowish golden colored street with gem stones. “It is heaven!!” I thought to myself. But in within that moment, my body flew up into the air and I was above California.

In front of my eyes, I was witnessing the scene of a horrific earthquake and tsunami. The calamity was overwhelming the state of California (But I am not sure if the initial earthquake is going to shake the whole state or parts of it). The scene included cliffs on the shore crumbling with buildings and trees being engulfed by water.

A great and fearful event was occurring right in front of my eyes. My flesh, soul, and spirit were shouting with one voice. “Noooooooo!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!” What was being shown to me was too great to bear. I could not do anything but scream. My whole being was screaming. As I screamed, my body and soul trembled in fear.

I saw people dying. They were dying in vain. I saw the empty stares of the people. They did not have time to scream. They died as they were swallowed by the tsunami. Some attempted to escape by car. Some were running to escape. I saw the horrible fearful expression on their faces and eyes. It was a melting pot of terror and pandemonium. Chaos began to reign.

The Love in His Heart emanated toward us and those who did not believe in Him. His Heart was torn into million pieces as it dripped blood. As the Lord held His blood dripping Heart, He said,

Above the horrific scene, I saw the Heart of Father God. His Heart was torn into a million pieces.

REPENT WHILE I AM STILL GIVING YOU CHANCE!                              ______

From Sydfan526 on youtube ~ Two Visions

      In the fall of 2006 I moved back to San Juan Capistrano CA for awhile. I was in Dana Point - up on a hill driving on a residential street that overlooked Doheney beach and the SJC valley. Its quite the beautiful sight. I was at a stop sign - then, BAM, God gave me a quickie vision that freaked me out.
      I had just stopped very mellowly at the intersection, very much digging the view of the valley straight ahead and the ocean to my right. Suddenly, as I was glancing to the house at my left for some reason (it was white stucco with teal trim) I noticed that the light bouncing off the house was slightly more golden, like it was a little later in the day, near sunset time. The shadows hadn't changed much on the house, but the trim looked a little more worn and faded.
     That's when I noticed the ocean was encroaching from the right, down below - but I wondered why there were no waves - weird! Then I noticed that the land was tilting to the right - the land in the valley was getting covered with water because it was in fact sinking! And it was silent and quick. Over a mile inland toward Saddleback Mountain was under water.
      As I sat there looking straight ahead I was horrified, yet wondering why there were no waves or quakes or panicky noises....I noticed to my upper right that it seemed darker than it shoulda been over there. As I looked I realized thta a huge wave was coming right at me from that direction(from the northwest area, over the Dana Point Headlands(huge cliffs). The wave might have been a few thousand feet high. The only part of the wave that I saw was the crest as it was about to crunch right on top of my car.
      I was filled with that feeling of , "Well - guess the gig is up" feeling. I felt powerless and was then filled with a huge sense of dread as the wave came down.
      Then, poof - all was gorgeous and beautiful again lol. All was normal again. I immediately pulled over and did some major praying and crying. I had just been given a vision of the future for sure.
      I am a Holy Spirit filled believer in Jesus...and this vision was confirmed twice - once while I was in the SJC valley looking up to that ridge i was driving along with the intersection(saw huge waves come over the top, this time from the front - towards me), and in Laguna Beach(I was by Wild Oats health store and looked to towards the beach and saw a very wide and tall wall of water with a few people on the face of the wave coming right towards the town - each of these confirmations shook me...but were not as horrifying as the initial vision. I had prayed for confirmation and yep, I got it.                                    

Dream Testimony (from 88arau on youtube)

So here it is. Jesus must have really been pushing me because I've gotten over my ego and fear of possibly being made look like a chump. You are welcome to use my name and location if you end up putting this on your website. 
I am going to describe it as though I am in the dream itself, I will put in parenthesis my real time thoughts. I have had about 12 dreams total of earthquakes and tsunamis of the past eight weeks but these 2 particular dreams really tore my heart up. Both of these dreams were during one night of sleep.
1st dream: "It was absolutely Fall, or during the early Fall season. The air smelled of Fall, the trees looked of Fall. It was too chilly for Summer but it seemed much later in the day and the Sun was still out so Summer wasn't completely over. I truly felt (and still feel) as though my dream was occurring in the month of September. I was at my friends house, we were all hanging out. All of a sudden my whole world began to shake, violently. The house windows begun to break and dust and paint chips were falling from walls and ceiling. We all ran outside, the earth still shaking almost to the point not being able to stand, there were 5 of us. As I ran outside it seemed the Earth was collapsing around me. Trees we uprooting, roads were buckling, phonelines and other houses were completely falling apart. The sky was orange from the Sun setting. It stopped. I had a HUGE feeling of unrest, anxiety. I was instantly worried for my girlfriend. I wanted to run home as fast as possible and see if she was OK. I had fear and sadness of great proportion in this dream (for everyone and everything). I didn't feel safe. I felt as though there would be mass panic because of this in.....other words SHTF. All of a sudden a loud loud noise startled was that of a car accident of some type. This car was traveling extremely fast for some reason (I dont know how this car was driving on the uplifted roads but it WAS, I dont know why.), I felt as though the people in the car were afraid and they needed to leave immediately, I heard screaming and cries. The car had hit someone in the street and there was a bloody mess where this person had been hit. I was horrified."
This is when I woke up, it was about 4 am. I was breathing heavily, my heart rate was up. My armpits were a bit damp along with the dampness of my sheets. This dream, and the one I will be describing next, are the MOST fearful (and real) dreams I have ever had in my entire life. I have never actually been truly scared or worried after a dream, only intrigued that I could be thinking those thoughts while asleep. I look at dreams and nightmares as sleep movies, idk im weird like that. These dreams were different. Emotional. Real. I went back to sleep quite quickly after a glass of water.

Dream 2: "I was in a tall building. Not a skyscraper though. I was with who I knew were friends and acquaintances, I only remember one of their names, my good friend Thomas. I was looking out the window, out at a huge bay of water with a bridge in the horizon( I didnt think it was SF Bay at the time but looking back it seems that it was, especially because of the bridge). The building I was in was no more than 100 yards from the bay. Everyone on that floor, was discussing something, looking for something. It seemed that everyone was on edge. I looked, everyone else looked at the windows and saw a wave coming, this was NOT a cresting beach wave. It seemed like a layer of water was rushing over the top the bay. It looked like the classic tsunami that we have all seen videos of. The layer of water got closer and closer until it finally reached the shores of the bay and water began to rush inland. I could see people down on the streets being swept away. Cars, garbage, anything loose was being grabbed by the oncoming water. I could hear the building that I was in creak and groan and sway just the smallest amount. The people I was with INSISTED on leaving. They were fearful of staying. I dont know how they left but they did. Me and my friend Thomas decided to stay behind. Thomas noticed the next wave first which was seen across the bay, behind the bridge. This wave was about 10x higher. It was tall enough to just barely miss the bridge as I watched it do so. I instantly knew we would die. I felt ultimate dread. I should have left, why did I stay after the first wave? I felt as though I was stupid for not taking the first wave as a warning. My stupidity has cost me my life, and Thomas's as well. I was not fearful of death as I know Jesus, but I knew Thomas was an atheist. With no beliefs in God what so ever. I felt my stupidity has murdered his soul. The sadness I felt in this dream was some of the most powerful sadness I have ever felt in my life, the degree of emotion in the situation were intense to say the least.(I like to think of myself as a "macho" guy lol and suppress and deny my emotions but this was a whole other story). I looked at him and said, "this is God's will." Thats all I said. The wave hit our building and the floor we were on was about 2-3 floors above the highest part of the water. The building instantly began to shake and sway much harder than it did before. This time I could hear beams and windows and walls cracking. A building next to us had already begun to fall. This violence that the building was experiencing occurred for about 10 minutes as more and more water came rushing in from the bay. At one time I remember thinking and saying to Thomas, "Maybe we wont die". "Maybe we will actually survive this". Before I knew it the building began to crumble, I knew the building was falling because I felt the free fall and butterflies that you get from it. I grabbed my buddy's hand and held on. I told him this needs to happen to just trust God's will. I remember thinking that I hope to get crushed to death or hit my head on something so I wouldn't be conscious while inhaling water and drowning on water/vomit. I fell into the water and it seemed like a non stop churning sensation. I didn't hit my head, I wasn't crushed. I entirely remember drowning. It was so painful. Then I woke up. Astonished.
The dreams brewed in my mind and were there like a permanent stamp.I truly felt as though this dream had a message from God. I looked online to see if there were others with these dreams or scientific predictions of earthquakes and tsunamis. I have never heard of Bill Weather before that but I was quite amazed when I stumbled across his Youtube page. There was nothing in my dream specifying a date.

A.C. Griffith has also predicted an earthquake to occur in the near future.
I had these dreams one night at the end of July. My name is Alex Rau and I am 22 years old. I live in Eugene, Oregon. I am a follower of Christ.